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Playing the piano is an enjoyable,  fun and fulfilling experience. At our studio from the first piano lesson we customize a program specifically for each student based on their ability, learning styles, musical goals and development. My piano lessons include elements of music theory, piano technique, ear-training, sight-reading, and music history.  Our piano students are introduced to various musical genre, and play the pieces they love, from popular to classics. 


At this level, students are taught technique, rhythm and to read music. The primary focus for the beginning student is to establish a musical foundation.

Lessons include:

1 - Learn To Play Piano                   2 - Proper Posture

3 - Proper Hand Posture                4 - Ear Training

7 - Counting Notes                          8 - Nursery Rhymes  


Usually after two years of playing a student progresses to the intermediate level. At this level students begin learning classical pieces and key style periods will be studied. Skills learned at this level include harmony, sight reading, ear training, and music theory. Listening and memorization skills are emphasized.

Lessons include:

1 - How To Read Sheet Music                    

2 - Rhythm.  basic counting to keep the tempo steady.


At the advanced level students have reached a level of independence. Most students choose their music selections representative of their sense of individuality as musicians.

Lessons include:

1 - Learn advanced and extended chords     2 - Improvisation techniques

3 - Advanced Music Theory                                4 - Advanced Technique 


Tuition is due in advance at the first lesson of each month less. Books are included in the tuition, but purchase by the student may be required with more comprehensive editions.

  • 30-minute weekly lesson - $120.00/month

  • 45-minute weekly lesson - $160.00/month

  • 60-minute weekly lesson - $190.00/month

Student Quote


Ms. Pamela is an awesome teacher. She is very patient, very friendly and keeps encouraging you to do your best and not give up



Monday-Friday (Ask about availability)




6873 Woodrise Rd.

New Market, MD 21774

301-865-9535 (home)

301-509-0042 (cell)


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